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How should I set up a backstop on my property?

I recently have bought some land. It is about 6 acres (might be 4 to 6 more) The current acreage has road frontage. The road is a dirt road and not frequently used as it doesn't go through to anywhere. The 6 acre property is 1000 ft road front and 300 ft deep. Beyond the 300 ft on the back of my property is hundreds of acres of woods that make up a deer hunting lease. I am planning to build a home there before Thanksgiving and want to put a backstop up to do occasional shooting. Where should I situate my backstop?

There are plenty of woods and undergrowth out there even on the road front.

The first thought would be with the backstop being 100 yards down from where you put the house as there is at least 1000 ft to spare between where you put the house and the stop. The only problem I have with this is that there are 2 houses down the road about 2000 to 3000 ft from the far corner of my property. Even though I would have a backstop being set up, no matter how high, and woods in between with thousands of feet to spare I don't like the idea of a gun muzzel pointing in the direction of anybody's house no matter what is in between. All it takes is one round coming down on someones house or hitting a person and I will get a visit from the sheriff telling me not to shoot say nothing of a person being hurt or even killed. And I want my neighbors shooting with me, not back at me

Well, with that having been said, the next thought is to put the backstop on the back of the property backed up to the woods of the hunting lease.
Well the only problem with this is that 1) in order to have a 100 yard range, I would have to be shooting almost at the edge of the dirt road. Now I am within my rights to do this I'm sure, but I don't think people would appreciate walking by or riding a horse by or even drive their car by to be scared out of their wits as ol' Doug's rifle goes off as they walk/ride/drive by. And I don't want to be that visible to people while I shoot.

With the dimensions I have laid out for my property. What do y'all think I should do?

Also, as for the backstop itself, how high should it be, should anything be done to it other than a ridge of dirt?
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