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Seems I have touched a nerve out there, and maybe I was a little rough.

Especially on the bird hunters, If birds are raised in the right environment and turned lose they have the option to fly away, they are free. If raised in large pens and not to accustomed to man then turned lose I would call that hunting.

Go take a look at one of the web sites I posted. Search a few pages and you'll find a picture of a guy feeding several bull elk by hand one elks head is in the feed bucket. Now tell me shooting that animal is hunting. That is no more hunting that shooting the farmers cow, same thing this guy is a elk farmer or rancher take your pick. Go shoot it just don't then tell me you hunted it.

If you don't like these preserves don't visit them, just please don't support the Antis by joining in the fight against them.
Elk should not be put in a pen and shot in a area where they live naturally. If that supports the anti's in your opinion that's up to you I feel differently about it.
Elk are such majestic animals IMHO that to shoot them in a pen, where less than a mile away I have seen wild elk, just doesn't set well with me, and should be outlawed in areas where they live wild.
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