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Cabela's Millennium Revolver

I picked up one of Cabela's Millennium 45LC Revolvers and after a thousand rounds, I want another one. It's not pretty I guess, I could care less about that. But I've been very surprised at the quality and price. I shoot wax only so no lead rounds have been through it. My opinion may not mean much to someone that's gonna fire real ammo through it, but I've done a lot of quick draw point shooting type of abuse to it. I use large pistol primers and wax. I got some different springs and such and was happy to find that this revolver has a coil hand spring which I was not expecting. Now I worked on it some, but I enjoy doing that it wasn't something that had to be done. I thought the action was pretty good right out of the box and was sort of dissappointed in a way cause I was looking forward to changing springs and making it nice. The trigger bolt spring broke at about 800 rounds but I was expecting that and it would have happened in any priced revolver. I had replacement parts waiting so no problem and no fault of the gun. I don't do any fanning or slap cocking just fast thumbing and point and shoot. I haven't changed the main spring or the coil hand spring. I put in a wire trigger bolt spring to see if I like that but it almost seems to squissshey. I read a lot of pro and con about the Millennium before buying and I was sort of expecting to be sorry, but I'm very happy. I looked up schematics for different revolvers and the millennium has the same "innards" as more high end revolvers. So if you don't mind the cosmetic thing, I shoot in my basement so it don't bother me.Well I wanted to maybe help someone who's looking for a new revolver and might be considering the Millennium. For what I do it works great for me.
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