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The average lifespan of a meth addict is 7 years after becoming addicted which can happen very quickly. During that time, they change from being normal to being, as was mentioned, someone you wouldn't want to turn your back on. Just let them continue to take the drug and someone can bury them. A lot cheaper than rehab.

I personally don't care how much it costs. I am only concerned about its effects and the innocent people that are affected as a result of the addiction and manufacture.

I have been in houses where cooks have occurred and all the metal fixtures (lights, ceiling fans, hinges on cabinets, appliances, etc.) are corroded from all the acid vapors. Just think what those vapors are doing to someone who is litterally standing over the stove breathing them in during a cook?? Just think about the small child who is crawling around in all the filth on the floor while this is going on?? Then the people involved or their family members say that they only did it once?? Right......

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