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It is done with finely tune pistols, with the correct reloads, by trained shooters.
2" groups at 25yrds?maybe off a ransom rest 2" at 25', is more like it. Pistol sights are two big for that kind of accurace at 25yrds, unless your a pro.
I recently watched a shooter put 5 rounds shot offhand (two hand grip) into less than 2" using a borrowed CZ75 (out of the box stock) and American Eagle ammo. There were two other witnesses. During the same range trip, the same shooter used a rented SIG P228 and "range reload" ammo to make a 2.75" 5 shot group at 25 yards under the same conditions. This guy is DEFINITELY not a pro, just a hobby shooter.

People are a little too willing to blame their guns and ammunition for accuracy issues, IMO.
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