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I am not a LEO, but from the contacts I have, since Tennessee passed its ephedrine law, home meth lab busts are decreasing and it is considerably more difficult to obtain enough of the pills to make a cook without drawing attention to yourself.

My opinion is that law enforcement and the states in general would rather deal with meth as a traditional drug coming from somewhere else rather than contaminating private property, causing fires, and exposing children to elevated levels of various chemicals.

The addicts will continue to find a way to get their drug of choice. But, maybe the effects can be limited directly to the user and not the family or the property owner. However, if you smoke the stuff, and testing is done inside the home where use is common, it will normally test above the health based standard and the structure will technically require decontamination.

Primarily Red-P labs these days here although you are starting to see the one-pots.
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