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How is making pseudoephedrine extremely difficult to aquire helping the meth problem AT ALL. Millions of people who use pseudoephedrine for it's legal use are negatively impacted. We are treated like criminals when we try to get it. Instead of getting a bulk pack when we are in the store, we have to go to multiple stores to get a decent supply. If you have two or more kids and it is cold season you HAVE to break the law if you want to get enough so the little ones.

Meanwhile, meth is still readily available, just now it comes from Mexico like much of the illegal drugs supply. It also costs more as well, meaning more crime for a user to get their fix.

I would certainly not be proud about helping to pass such legislation and I would certianly not admit that role in public.

Passing such laws is like cutting off your arm because you burned your finger. Does FAR more harm than good.
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