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Okay, I feel the same way about many products. So, why as a tax payer do I have to pay for your medical problems when you exhaust all your resources feeding your drug habit? Then you start robbing stores to get the cash to pay for the legal drugs.
The thing is, we ALREADY do that. We ALREADY pay for the medical problems of people who have let their drug habbit take control. If drugs were legal and you had to resort to crime for drugs, one of several things will happen.

1. You will be sent to jail for robbery.
2. Instead of having to commit $1000 worth of crime to buy drugs at black market prices, you will only have to commit $10 or so of crime to buy drugs at the local pharmacy.
3. Seek rehab or other help well before you hit rock bottom. Use the tax revenue from drugs to fund rehab programs and other programs to help those who want help.

People will continue to do drugs regardless of the legality or cost. The War on Drugs has gone on for nearly 40 years and drugs are still readily available. Everyone from burger flippers to politicians have used and do use drugs.

What legalizing does is seperate drug users into the ones that have no problem with their use and those who resort to crime to get their fix. People are going to do drugs regardless of the legality so you might as well not bother those who are not causing anyone trouble, minding their own business, and are otherwise productive members of society.

Just to get this out of the way, legalizing drugs is NOT like legalizing murder. I hate it when people bring that up. You can't commit murder without violating someone elses rights. You can do drugs without violating anyone elses rights. Using that argument is like saying all gun owners are murderers.

We have had millions of people quit smoking tobacco in the US over the last 10 years. How did we do that? Not by banning tobacco, but by helping those who want to quit.
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