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"Obviously. I own my body. If I obtain something to put in it of mutual conscent, without infringing on the rights of others, I have the right to consume it."
So it doesn't matter to you if the methheads, in the course of their trade, kill others in pursuit of not getting caught or turf wars? As long as you can get yours eh?

I'm against the WOD in general for good reasons already discussed many times here. I'm also for protecting the 2nd and feel people should be able to own any kind of small arms they wish.

But I do not think that normal people should be able to have personal nukes, or be able to make their own nukes, too dangerous.

Meth is the same way. It's the nuke of the drug world. It's not like you can plant a few seeds and throw a light on it for your own personal use.

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