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You're a narc for 24 years, you have an addict son?
It happens much more frequently than you might think, Derby. Ever hear of Preacher's Kid Syndrome? Cops' kids are often an offshoot of that.

One of the biggest problems facing kids is peer pressure. When a kid's parent is viewed as a pillar of the community, as preachers and cops often are, the kids are expected to mirror their parents' good behavior. This leads to problems in school, where these kids are looked upon as "goody two-shoes" or even... yep, narcs.

Of course these kids want to be accepted by their peers, and they frequently go to extremes in the other direction, just to prove that they're "one of the guys". Sometimes that includes accepting a dare to try drugs. With some of those drugs, it's a start down a one-way road.

Too many of my own officer's kids have run afoul of the law because of this, and it causes heartbreak on a greater scale than most experience.

Sounds like it was right up your dysfunctional families alley. Too bad you never found it in time to help you and your son.
Was that really necessary? Anyone dealing with this situation is dealing with grief on a very personal level, and Al-Anon, while great for the average Joe, poses unique problems for LEOs. They are often viewed at these meetings with suspicion and sometimes outright hostility. Couple that with a lack of support from most LE agencies and you have a family that's between the proverbial rock and a hard place, but they're hardly "dysfunctional". Perhaps you need to choose your terms a little more carefully.
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