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"Obviously. I own my body. If I obtain something to put in it of mutual conscent, without infringing on the rights of others, I have the right to consume it."

Okay, I feel the same way about many products. So, why as a tax payer do I have to pay for your medical problems when you exhaust all your resources feeding your drug habit? Then you start robbing stores to get the cash to pay for the legal drugs.

There is no recreational use of Meth beyond perhaps the first time. You will be addicted after a couple uses. Period end of story.

Zoning? Zoning would not work or stop your next door neighbor from having a meth lab that does not have a business license to operate. They would simply say they have the lab for personal use just like a still to make alchoholic beverages. Either way, legal business or not, the house still has a high likelihood of burning down and their family will be exposed to hazardous chemicals. Who pays for that? Insurance company? Medical costs for burns?

Maybe have a day for free disposal of meth chemicals at the local city collection area? (Just like paint, right?). If these people were required to dispose of the chemicals correctly, few would do it as it is VERY expensive. A 55 gallon drum of hazardous waste disposal costs $500 up. It has to be tested and manifested? You know how to do that? Some has to be incinerated and there are only a few places in the country that can do it. The result is that there would be more illegal dumps and it would not be household garbage anymore, it would be hazardous waste and the tax payer or landowner would have to pay for it. You want that?

The whole business is way beyond the average person's abilty to grasp even if the cooking of meth was legal. I am firmly in the enforce the law to the max camp when it comes to meth cooking and use.

I can live with pot being legalized for persons over 18 years of age.
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