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for the centerfire rounds they use full pins, for the .22LR rounds they use the top 6" of the pins for targets. Autos and revolvers are seperate.

5 pins set up on a steel table at 30 feet. The clock starts with your first shot and ends when the last pin falls over the edge of the table. knocking them down isn't good enough - they have to actually fall off the edge of the table.

Each shooter get two tries and his times are averaged for a raw time/ rank.

Then the head to head shooting starts:

The shooter with the lowest average time goes head to head against the shooter with the highest average time. single elimination - just like the NCAA tournament.

After the first round one half of the competitiors are eliminated.

Depending on the number of shooters left there are either single elimination head to head shootoffs or a round robin style that is head to head and timed.

At the end the top revolver competitor goes against the head auto for bragging rights for the day.

Believe it or not, sometimes a revolver guy wins top gun for the night.

.40 s&w, and 45 ACP rule the auto class and .357 and .45 acp smith revolvers are just about right for the revlover class.
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