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What are you going to do with your flintlock gun ??? Is it just for targets? If so, you could do fine with smaller calibers that use less powder, less lead and don't recoil. Are you going to hunt with it? If so .... you need to check the regulations in your state to see what the minimum requirements are. What style of gun do you like ??? Do you like the golden age or kentucky longrifle types guns, or are you more of a fan of modern mass-produced type guns? If you are going to hunt with it, but you want it for both deer and squirrel sized game, should you consider a flintlock smoothbore like a pennsylvania fowler or Tulle type gun that will shoot both round ball and shot ?? Are you going to get interested in re-enacting ??? If so, you might want to research the guns used in your area to save you a lot of headaches and money to get a gun that historically matches your re-enacting persona ..... Saying you want a flintlock is similiar to saying you want a car ..... there are so many different kinds, types, calibers and styles you might want to narrow down your choices first before you lay down your money. Check out Jim Chambers guns, TVM, Early Rustic Arms and other custom makers along with looking at the mass produced guns. Granted, a custom gun is twice to three times the cost of a Kmart special, but a custom will more than likely last a whole lifetime with little trouble, and will give you extremely good accuracy and service and it's made to fit you, not the one-size-fits-all masses type. A custom gun you can pass down to your kids !! What lock style do you want ??? Do you want a water proof pan? ..... see what I mean ...the choices are endless. Do you research and homework, and you'll find the flintlock you are looking for and that you will be happy with.
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