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Most of my guns are .50 cal. Smaller bullet, less lead and cheaper. Especially if you're not shooting game. The Lyman is a bit closer to the rifle of the Fur Trade Era than the TC counterpart. Still, it's not altogether accurate as I've read that the trade guns were heavier for rugged use. Lyman is a good starter gun and mine was a Lyman (but my very first was a Spanish percussion kit gun imported by Markwell).

You should attend the National Matches at Friendship, Indiana. Sure you have to enter the Ohio Basin country but it's much shorter for you than I. Check out the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association website for more info. BTW, join the NMLRA when you have a chance. I've an article coming out in April 2007 issue on building the iron mounted southern rifle with Hershel & John House.
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