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New to Flintlock, lots of questions

I am interested in getting a flintlock rifle, but need to learn more about them. I live in southeastern PA. I have always been interested in American Revolutionary war era history. The idea of getting a flintlock has always been bouncing around in the back of my mind. In January I was hiking in the woods near Milford, PA and came across two guys who were hunting with modern flintlocks. The rifles looked really cool, and it just all came together in my mind that I would like to get one. I really know very little about guns or rifles. I used to shoot .22's at a target range at a summer camp when I was a kid, and was never exactly Wyatt Erp when it came to hitting the cneter of the target. I've fired a .38 and a .357 revolver before, and a 9 MM at one point. I own a BB rifle, which I rarely fire because it is not all that accurate, exciting, etc. But I've decided that I need to get a flintlock and now I need to know how to get started in this hobby.

I know that during the Revolutionary times they used muskets, not rifles, but I am not expecting to be a real greatly accurate shot, so I'll take the extra help of a rifled barrel. I am left handed and i see that Lyman sells left handed flintlocks. Does anyone else sell left hander flintlocks? Is Lyman a good company for a starter flintlock? Do I want a longer rifle or a shorter rifle while I am getting used to the kick, etc? And, (I hope this does not sound like too dumb of a question) but when I get the rifle, does it come with instructions on how to load it, what else I'll need besides the rifle, etc? I understand the general idea of how a flintlock works, but what stuff do I need to actually load and fire the rifle?

Are there any books or Internet resources that guide one through "getting started with flintlocks"???

Lastly (for now) are there any clubs or groups in southeastern or southcentral PA that are into flintlocks and that I could join? Are there such a thing as flintlock shooting clubs or hunting clubs (I've never hunted for anything in my life, except if you count sorting through cases of beer in the walk-in cooler at the local distributor). I think I need to start out with target shooting before I try to bring home anything to eat like a deer or an elk. I have spent my lifetime hikin through parts of the woods where few people tread, so I do know my way around outdoors.

Thanks !!
All advice and info appreciated greatly.
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