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US Shooting Academy

Well, I'd like to throw our name into the hat. Being as we are still in the building process, many of you may not have heard of the U.S. Shooting Academy in Tulsa, OK.

USSA is sure to be the most advanced and convenient training location in the country. Our nearly $10 million facility is scheduled for Phase 1 completion in August. We hosted the 2006 USPSA Open/Production Nationals while we were only 20% completed, and this is what some of the attendees had to say:

"I'm sure we're going to be coming back here for years to come."
"It will probably be the premiere shooting facility in the country...probably the world."
- Angus Hobdell

"It's a comfortable place to shoot...with a good team of experienced individuals."
- Dave Sevigny

"The ranges are everything a shooter dreams about."
"There's been nothing quite like it anywhere in the world."
- Julie Goloski

"This facility is probably the nicest we've ever been to in the country [and] when it's done, there won't be anything like it that I've ever been to."
"A facility that you could shoot practically every different discipline at...a center point for the shooting world."
- Rob Leatham

"This is one of the most incredible places that I've seen built..."
"It's on a scale that's larger than most people can imagine."
-Todd Jarrett

"The range sets a new standard."
"Much better range than anything out there that I've been to."
-Travis Tomasie

"WOW! In the 12 years I've been covering the USPSA competitions, I've never seen an endeavor of this magnitude."
"There's nothing like this in North America...or the world."
"Hands down, even at 20% of Phase 1...this place blows every other National level facility that we've been to completely off the map."
-John Scoutten, Producer-Shooting USA

Come see for yourself. Classes start March 19th!

Phil Strader
Director of Facilities and Competitions
[email protected]
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