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Those that bitch about the price are either to impatient or lazy to save enough to buy these quality pistols and will flame those that do.
Now, THAT makes sense, if you're a troll.

The gentleman inquired about a pocket pistol, for under $450.00, possibly in 9mm, but he would consider .380 or .32 ACP. He also states that he would not care for the Kel-Tec pistols.

The Rohrbaugh R9 is listed for sale at Impact Guns for $999.99, with magazines costing $33.99. Which part of $450.00 is misunderstood?

It's possible to find the little Colt Government Model .380, or the Colt Mustang, in the $450.00 range, used, in many places. They are steel or alloy framed, locked-breech, and pocket sized. Mags are less expensive, as well.

The Kahr CW9093 has an MSRP of $533.00
The Sig P232 has an MSRP of $519.00
The Walther PPK/S has an MSRP of $543.00

Any of these three should be available, new, within the price you posted. Any of these will also last you, and your off-spring well into their old age.
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