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I'll second the Seecamp idea.

Smaller/lighter than the Guardian.
More likely to be reliable out of the box than KelTec.

If you've got a FFL who will do a transfer for $20 or so, you could get one for ~$400.

I got mine from Ron Gilstrap in Texas.
$350+20 shipping.
+$35 for extra mag.
+$30 for transfer/background check.

$435 out the door.

The Keltec is less ammo sensitive, and lighter.
If you can get a KelTec, and get the bugs out of it, they are good guns.

The Seecamp just feels like a work of art.
It shoots like one too.

Mine is flawless with Silvertips and GoldDots.
If I get a good batch of Fiocchi jhp, they are 100% also.
Now, even the Win. White Box at Walmart will shoot with only a couple of jams per hundred.
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