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Taxes, taxes,taxes... Tax, in my mind, is just another word for burden.

Let's burden many people and companies till we break their backs. First tax... 1 dollar per can of beer. 10 dollars per bottle of liquor. How about 10 dollars per can of beer for politicians, and 100 dollars per bottle of liquor for them as well. Second tax... 100% increase,of present total cost, on coffee and soft drinks. You sinners... repent. We also need a tax on breathing, one cent per respiration. It only makes sense , as you know CO2 is a green house gas. We should also pay our protection tax to the Islamic fascists. Maybe 1/2 of our GDP would be fair. :barf:

Politicians... economic experts at destruction of free markets and free societies. These folks are brain dead and we still see them in office.

I have it... When one becomes a politician, one must forfeit all of one's own money and property to the state and to the people. We will then manage your power mongering rear ends in a boot camp fashion. Barracks for their living quarters. Standing in line for their chow. Transportation will be done by MAC for distance travel, and cattle car for the local area. These people need to be the ones "sacrificing" for the good of the people. Not the other way around. Who in the hell do they think they are?

Sorry about that... just a pet peeve. Retarded politicians and thier delusions of self importance.
History is a freak show and a dark comedy. Mankind is a spectacle all to itself. Play your role, let the jesters play theirs. In the end...who has the last laugh?
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