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Mentor in Va

At 40 sadly , I am a newbie to guns in general and have only thru my love of the Civil War recently found a desire to try some B.P.C.W. era stuff. This has brought me to an interesting situation. Having nobody in my life interested in guns I know nearly nothing more than common sense and having had BB/Pellet guns as a kid . I came here as a start and was impressed and also overwhelmed by the vast knowlage and info. Now I want to know everything! I still want to do B.P. but now I also want to try making my own reloads someday, that looks cool. I am intimated however at the berth of the subject. I thought hey; buy a B.P. Revolver, get some powder, get some balls, (both kinds , go in the woods fire away. Now I am realizing how dumb I was and could really hurt myself or worse someone else . So I was wondering is there are such things as newbi mentors? Is there a place to go to be taught from scratch, when noone in your life knows or cares anything about guns? What licenses, what fees, what else is involved? Is anyone in Northern Va willing to chat and perhaps take me under a wing, take me to a B.P. shoot and introduce me to the sport correctly, rather than me throwing away a lot of money and ending up with bad equipment, bad experiance and a bad opinion of guns?

Just curious how many others started in this way, or were most of you introduced to guns by parents / friends growing up ?
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