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I'm thrilled to read that article in SWAT. I've been working with a partner on an emergency preparedness website now for a year and a half. Any positive reinforcement is appreciated! It is a bit of stretch however to be imagining a 'return to the jungle' scenario as a viable escape route these days. Unfortunately, the most likely SHTF escapes are going to be urban to urban or sub-urban escapes by masses. The wherewithal for masses to figure out survival in the woods beyond a week or so is little to nil.That's mostly because our wilderness food gathering skills have been all but lost and there isn't as much to hunt in the backwoods as there once used to be. As for fish. Here's my take: Total North American fresh water fisheries contain less than one tenth the edible fish today that they did 150 years ago. So that leaves us with fisheries that mostly contain fish with mercury levels too high to make them viable for the long stretch. Add that notion up to the fact that actually catching BIG fish is pretty hard- I'd say a case of Powerbars is a safer bet for a week in the woods.
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