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Worthy Tactical Handgun Courses

I've checked the links, but the prices were a little out of my budget. I saw in Michigan and was told Randy Cain comes through there on a regular basis. Now, my questions:
1. Anybody heard of Triad? Good or bad?
2. "" "" "" Randy Cain?
3. Your suggestions of a good course as well as rifle courses would be appreciated.
4. Any suggestions of Thunder Ranch or the like is a waste of time for me. Can't afford the $1000's of dollars.
5. My budget is around $400-600 for a course and my wife is interested,too($800-1200 then ).
6. I live 3 hrs. west of Chicago, so I'd be willing to travel some. Just not coast to coast.

I'm an average citizen that knows the basics, but want to greatly expand my skills over a reasonable time in the art of tactics and marksmanship.
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