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this is ABSOLUTELY one kick azz thread..yeah im excited lol


well i already new about the big names, Gunsite, Sig Academy, Thunder Ranch, ..but i just found that another big name place is right here in my home state...Blackwater...heck yeah im tickled ape s***. i wanted to go to the others mentioned but wanted to go some place i could drive to so i could take my own guns and im just not sure of the flying thing and checking them in baggage..i read on a forum where a guy got to his destination but the gun didnt . the Sig academy i thought was prb the closet..but it was still a 15hr drive and i wanted to go to a big name place , not knocking the other places that arent none as well, but i wanted to stick to the ones you see all over the magazines you know what i mean...but now that i know Blackwater is stoked..i would think its a great place or Sig wouldnt have a "Blackwater" model i just need the money ..thats always the hard part darn it lol

this is one great forum!!!!!
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