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Pin matches were a major attraction to the handgun crowd for many years. Second Chance used to sponsor a pin tournament for some time. I believe they were placed 1 foot back on a 3 foot wide table and you needed to clear X amount of pins OFF the table with as many shots as needed. This meant you needed to have a caliber of sufficient horse power to knock the pin clear off the table AND hit it squarely or it simply fell over and spun around. 45s were popular and large caliber revolvers also were favoured as they could use very aggresively shaped bulletsthat would not feed in the autos of the day.

It was a simple way to require an effective "power factor" without all the mathmatical hogwash that is utilized to make major in things like IPSC... You could use a 22 if you wanted but the odds of you knocking a pin off the table were pretty remote even if you hit it squarely. Too bad pin shooting fell out of vogue before I reall got into shooting. Look up some old books on the subject. Hit the White Part by Ayoob and there was a section that discussed pin shooting briefly in Cirillo's book (in the bullet design section I believe when he talked about Pin Grabbers and what they did to the human body.)
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