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I have about a hundred bowling pins that a local bowling alley gave away when they got a new pin-setting machine. They make great targets for both pistol and rifle shooting.

They will get torn up from being hit with rifle fire. They'll hold up for a while to .223 and 7.62 X 39 rounds, but larger calibers will do more damage more quickly.

The pins are made of laminated hardwood and coated with a thick, tough plastic shell. I've had .38 FMJ ricochet quite often so I don't use it anymore with bowling pins. I've shot with good effect with 9X18 flat nosed FMJ and HP rounds, 9X19 FMJ and anything larger in a pistol caliber. As a rule, HP ammo will "bite" better into the shell of the pin and reduce the chance of ricochets.

Semi-wad cutters are great for bowling pins in any caliber.

-Dave Miller
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