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The small silver selector, for the three different modes, is much harder to operate than the on/off switch.

It is tiny and I really have to search to find it (possibly due to me not being familiar with the unit.) Also, it isn't obvious to me when my finger finally finds it of which way it is set (far right, center, or far left). I typically have to fumble with it for a few seconds in order to change it.

With that being said, the on/off switch is about as natural as could possibly be. Which is really more important to me. I assume that for home defense, I will probably leave it in dual mode. I guess if a scenario ever develops that I need the laser only, I will have to take a second out of the battle to make the switch.

Thanks for the question and compliments. I enjoy guns. I enjoy photography. The two combined make for some pretty cool photographs. Let me know if you have any other questions. I'm happy to help.
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