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That's about what a gun owner SHOULD do, but the problem with ARs is that you HAVE to do it that way. I don't trust a battle rifle that causes me to take my attention from the battle and put it on my tool. Always having in the back of my mind whether it's time to clean after a few hundred rounds is not good battlefield tactics.
I dont know what kind of AR your using, but I've shot my Colt, and Armalites well past a few hundred rounds at a sitting and never had any issues. My Colt has shot well over a 1000 rounds at a sitting, and more than just a few times too, most of which were rapid fire from a number of shooters, and again, never an issue. I've also shot more than a few M16's over the years, and never remember having any troubles. What are you basing your claims of troubles on?

I own both AR's and AK's, shoot both on a regular basis, and both work well. The AR's are more reliable and the AK's more accurate than the internet experts will always tell you. If you have one that wont work, you either have a bad example, or its a personal problem, or both. There are a lot of crappy copies of both examples (and others) out there, which seems to be where most who post seem to have picked up their experience.(if they actually really have any decent amount of hands on experience with any) Any of the actual weapons, produced by military contract, or their makers, that they are based on, have always been reliable and more than combat accurate.
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