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my gawd.... that is alot of BS to have to go through.

Very basic, I applied for a rifle and shotgun permit a while back, it is taking forever.. i currently have a handgun premis permit along with a C&R for the midwayusa discounts.

( YEs my sole purpose for getting the C&R is the discounts )

I would like to have an AR15 Semi auto. just for fun. I have a glock 19 for general target fun, will get a shotgun 12GA for "home defense" once the permit comes in ( taking forever )... So this AR15 is for old times sake, I used to clean that freaking M16 every day, carry it for miles and miles in my hands, on a sling, in my pocket, I shot all sorts of targets with it, I even fired it with no earplugs once and WOW it was loud. I shot some pretty tight groups with that sucker... lots of memories.. SO I just would like to have one around, nostalgia and all...

As cheap as I can get one, no hurry though, that permit is taking freaking forever.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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