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I cant afford an AR 15 Please Help...

I am shocked at the prices of these types of rifles, even as a kit it is very expensive. I used to use a M16a2 when I was in the army, I kind of miss having one around. I know the ones I buy now dont have auto or 3 rd burst like that but I just want one.

I basically want one for no reason, maybe shoot it once a month, 20 rounds. It dont need to be heavy duty, dont need to really be accurate, it just need to be just what it needs to be... a real gun.

So anyone know where I can get the world's cheapest M16 ? some made in 3rd world country by underpaid starving laborers ? I need as cheap as can get.

I'm beggin here.. anyone knows of some made in nowhere brand that wont blow up in my face ?

I just want to hang it on the wall... hmm... airsoft ? no NO...

Also, I have a C &R so anyone knows of any really old ones that is legal ( non auto ) ??

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