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roy, stick with me here, okay?

1. "Legally blind" in Texas means 20/200, uncorrected.

2. Corrective lenses can be of assistance. Tri-focals are great things. This doesn't mean correction to 20/20, necessarily. But our example person can walk through a room without banging into the furniture.

Note: "Seeing" means, generally, seeing clearly; seeing details. Very-poor vision can commonly mean that one readily distinguishes shapes. For example, you could tell that it's a buck, but not how many points the buck has. You can distinguish between a pickup truck and a car at a reasonably long distance.

So: As it is now, there is no vision test for a hunting license. One generally assumes that if a guy can't see well enough to see sights, he's not gonna bother with a hunting license. But, some legally blind folks, with glasses, can sorta make out what's going on when out in the boonies. They can see trees as a mass, or slopes, and tell which end of a deer is pointed north.

Okay: It's gonna be made legal to use a laser sight on the rifle. You can't now use such for hunting in Texas, no matter if you have exceptionally good vision, better than 20/20. So, a couple of guys sit in a box blind and Eagle Eye tells Cousin Weakeyes when the laser is on the right spot. That's really all the change is about. It adds nothing to qualifications for a license. It adds nothing to any naming of legal game. It only adds a method of sighting to one specific group which is not now restricted otherwise. Okay? "Not now restricted otherwise." And you'll have ol' Eagle Eye there to keep him from Doing Bad--which to me sounds like an improvement for all concerned.

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