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So.... I fully expect to leave burnt rubber tracks all the way from the exit side of the Clear Creek Gate all the way to Hwy 190 on Tuesday afternoon, and see just how fast I can make Ft. Hood disappear from my rear view mirror
I know how you feel. I remember on my way out the Ft Hood gate back to the house I remembered that I had left a set of BDUs and a shirt at the post cleaners...

I guess they are still I was ready to go

It was a new program the Army started so that soldiers who had "been there, done that" were training the units going. When WE went, we had a bunch of instructors who were either (a) never deployed, or (b) weren't deployed to Iraq.
I get a chuckle out of the fact that after some Soldiers get back from Iraq and Afghanistan after being in combat running patrols and convoys that they are required to go to the Warrior Leaders Course (formerly PLDC) to be taught by instructors who may have never been deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan.
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