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Morality? What morality? The impaired guy has a helper to deal with all the extraneous issues. He's a backup to ensure the red dot is in the right place, is all.

We're not talking running deer or skylined deer or any of that. Some common sense about a suitable target is all that's involved. I've killed a fair number of deer that were just standing there looking at something; it seemed like I had all day to shoot.

I'd bet that the very few legally-blind people who'd even be interested in this already have a fair amount of capability; using the laser merely augments the morality of a clean, quick and ethical kill.

Sorta like Bill Hearne, the blind folksinger/guitar picker. Bill wears glasses with milk-bottle-bottom lenses; he can read at some 4". Sorta. He plays golf; he can see to drive to the green but they give him the putt when playing with his friends at "Willie's Country Club". Using a laser pretty much equates to the giving of the putt...

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