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That's a good thing to know... I'm actually outprocessing right now, and starting my transitional leave on Wednesday (YEA!!!)

I'm in the National Guard. I mobilized back in August '04. We did a six month train-up, went to Iraq for a year, then when our unit got back, a small group of us (about a hundred) out of our brigade stayed on active duty at Ft. Hood to train other units going.

It was a new program the Army started so that soldiers who had "been there, done that" were training the units going. When WE went, we had a bunch of instructors who were either (a) never deployed, or (b) weren't deployed to Iraq.

Well, my year is up, and although many of the soldiers in my unit are extending, there's a lot more soldiers who have returned since then that are being brought on to keep the training "fresh".

So.... I fully expect to leave burnt rubber tracks all the way from the exit side of the Clear Creek Gate all the way to Hwy 190 on Tuesday afternoon, and see just how fast I can make Ft. Hood disappear from my rear view mirror
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