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...the helper, the guy with the laser, is going to target another person by mistake.
You need to read the article. The laser would be mounted on the gun as a sighting device. That is currently illegal in TX, this law would make it legal for use if the hunter is legally blind as long as he's accompanied by a helper.

Currently (without the law), the legally blind can hunt, but they must use the same sighting equipment that is legal for all other hunters.

The sensational headline notwithstanding, this law does NOT legalize hunting by the legally blind. There's no need to do that as anyone who can afford a license can legally hunt regardless of their visual acuity. If they're older than some age cutoff that I can't recall at the moment, they don't even have to take a safety course.

The ONLY thing that this law does is provide the legally blind with extra sighting equipment options that would normally not be legal for a Texas hunter.

If you're going to debate this, you might as well debate the proper issues. The issue is NOT whether or not the legally blind can hunt, it's whether or not they should have more options for sighting equipment (particularly lasers) than normal Texas hunters.
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