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Isn't there some hunting safety rule about not shooting if you don't know what is beyond your intended target? After all, you don't know where your bullet may end up.

Wouldn't a person without peripheral vision be unable to fully evalute the safety of his shot? Would he be able to see another hunter near the deer? Then pheasant hunting should be allowed too.
Do you think the normally sighted person attending the shooter would not be able to determine these things?
You also mention right versus privilege. I agree, that gun ownership is a Constitutional right we have as Americans. But which ammendment gurantees a right to hunt?
I'm sorry, I don't remember saying that we have a right to hunt. In fact, I seem to remember that my comments in that regard were preceded by this statement: "Without getting into the hunting issue..." Do you, perhaps, remember something like that as well?

Finally, didn't you read the last sentence in my previous post? These people are already allowed to hunt if they wish--I am aware of no law prohibiting legally blind people from hunting in TX. This new law would only relax the type of sighting devices that they are allowed to use so that they can aim more effectively.
Did you know that there is a TEXAS State Rifle Association?
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