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A person that is legally blind can not drive a car or fly an airplane. But they should be allowed to fire a gun.
Without getting into the hunting issue, flying and driving are privileges regulated by the state. Owning and using a firearm is an inherent right that our constitution acknowledges that the government may not abridge.

As pointed out, a legally blind person may see better than you or I, but simply have restricted peripheral vision. It's easy to see why that would make driving or flying dangerous but wouldn't cause a problem for someone shooting as long as they have an observer on hand to monitor the area. Likewise, the inability to read road signs or instruments would be very problematic in driving or flying but a person with such an impairment might still be able to use a laser pointer to shoot accurately and safely.

As I read the article, it provides that there must be someone monitoring the situation to ensure that safety is maintained. Furthermore, the article isn't about letting people hunt who were previously prohibited from the practice, it simply gives them the right to use pointing devices such as lasers that are denied to normally sighted hunters in Texas.
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