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You might want to think twice before dealing with this outfit. Several months ago there were some favorable comments on their rangebags. I went to their website & ordered one. I seemed to be well made & versital. Also had lifetime guarentee on everything but the zippers. I was pleased. I used it several times & liked it. Several weeks ago I used it to support the foreend of a M1 Garand for 32 shots. On hindsight this was pretty dumb & probably abusive to the product. When I finished shooting one of the sidepockets had torn off the main bag along the top & both sides.I would've been flapping in the breeze but it was a calm day. I have emailed 4 times about this over the past month & have received no response. I'm not mad about the failure of the product,as I said,maybe I abused it. But the lack of any response from chaps my a**. Thanks for letting me share & be forewarned.
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