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First, thanks for the kind words. It's been over a year since that article appeared, but here's the way I remember it:

Are your writers only attending a portion of the classes for any other reviews they do?
First, actually the information you have is not entirely correct. It was not a 7-day class. It was two courses; a 2-day, followed by a 5-day.

The writer signed up for the two-day "Terrorism Interdiction Course." He stayed for both days. He showed up for and observed the first hours of the "Ultimate Combat Skills Course" (a class that he did not sign up for). Aaron made it clear in the article that he did not stay for the next five days as the training, in his opinion, was unsafe.

And so, while it's true that he did not stay for all 7 days, it's not true that he did not stay for the entire class he reviewed.
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