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Credibility of your course review articles?

I have to say that i enjoy reading your magazines every month first off. I do have a ton of them around my house and occasionally will read ones from the year before or just a few months before. Recently i got into reading the 2005 December issue and saw an article review of Gabe Suarez's class, SI Terrorism Interdiction Course.

The article was written by John Aaron as he attended the class on June 11-12, 2005. The article came off as very negative and sounded as if John did not like gabe's class at all. I have always heard great things about Gabe and decided to check out his website more and his forums and look for information about the class your writer was discussing in the magazine.

As it turns out, Gabe stated your author only attended 2 of the 7 days that the event was going on for and was carrying the attitude that he knew more than everybody else at the class, and Gabe actually had to tell the guy to cool down because he was picking fights with others in the class.

While i dont want to get into too much other detail that gabe mentioned about your author in the class, i am starting to question the credibility of your articles when even the intructor and other classmates will confirm that your writer only attended 2 days of the 7 day class! How can you review classes that only sum up a small portion of a full week long class?

Are your writers only attending a portion of the classes for any other reviews they do?

Do they always go in with an open mind and try to learn as much as they can and ask questions in hopes of giving an honest review in your magazine?

If this is incorrect please varify this for me as i was extremly disappointed to hear such a story that might hurt the credibility of your magazine and writers.

Thank you
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