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Neck shot

Too each his own here. You really must be honest with yourself. If you are a competent marksman and can shoot with the adrenalin pumping, go for it. Every shot presents itself in a different way. For the sake of an argument, any given shot has it's horror stories. I hunt a lot of coyotes and prefer a frontal shot on them(less pelt damage). As for deer, I use a smaller caliber with a premium bullet. Head, neck, heart what ever presents itself with the best killing shot for my ability (with the least amount of meat damage). I am usually in awe how "dead" they fall with a shot at the base of the skull. Pics enclosed. This deer shot @ 70 yards through the neck, didn't twitch. The bullet took out the spine and base of the skull and exited with a 1.5" hole. Upon skinning it out, the shock caused massive damage about 8" down the spine with damaged tissue farther down the neck. I am very selective in picking my shots. I probably let many deer go waiting for a perfect shot. I have the utmost respect for the whitetails will to live and it's ability to hide when wounded. In my neck of the woods, if you have to track them, they are someone else's deer.
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