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Sounds like you guys have better places to hunt pigs than we do out here! I went out last year, and I had a hard time finding a place to get after 'em! There are thousands of pigs out here in the coastal range, but it's either private property (no trespassing) or public land that is only open during deer season.
We finally found a place that we could hunt, but only with a shotgun or a bow. Couldn't even carry a sidearm!
We walked around that stupid place for hours, and by the time we found a pig we were so far down the hill (as well as up and down through several ravines) that I didn't want to shoot it because I knew I'd have to drag it for a mile back up the hill (and up and down through the ravines). We tried scaring it up the hill, but it wasn't in a cooperative mood and beat it down the hill into the brush.
It was really not one of my better hunting experiences; the only thing we brought home were ticks.
Anyone that has ever been to Dinosaur Point (off the back of San Luis resevoir in Northern Kalifornia) will know what I'm talking about.
The worst thing was that the Cottonwoods areas just across the highway were full of pigs, but they were closed. I guess they had pros come in to get the numbers down because they were running out into the highway.
I think you have the better playground!! Any good pics?
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