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Great! I have not been to the Green Swamp yet. I have thought about going up there and camping because it is too far to drive for just a 1 day hunt.

check out the chuckwagon at for some good cooking ideas.

Hopefully someone told you to keep the hog on ice for about a week to get all the blood out. If not, no big deal, you can put it on ice and let it thaw on the ice and let the blood run out of the meat. If you get the blood out of the meat you will really enjoy the meat a lot more. The blood will give the meat a much more gamey or strong taste.

I usually smoke my wild hogs cause that is how I like to eat it best. I have made a few crockpot stews that were good. I have also used it in chili with good results.

If you have questions about getting the blood out, shoot me a PM or email and I will go into detail.
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