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Hey, gang, how many times must it be repeated that we don't take shots when we're not "super positive"?

As a shot, the neck shot is one of the best. That's different from worrying about one's skill.

A cross-body shot into the heart/lung area, hitting below the backstrap and behind the front legs, wastes no meat. Might have to follow a blood trail, but so what?

I guess the only way I'd take a shot at a buck's six o'clock would be if he were the biggest critter I'd ever seen. So far, through the years, I've only seen and passed one such opportunity--because I wasn't sure of a hit.

To me, the deal is that you take the cleanest shot you are assured of making. For me, about half my bucks were shot in the neck. But that also means that about half were shot in the body, right?

, Art
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