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I've been searching other sites and found one that lists the "Year of Mussolini" dating system. This would explain the XIX on the bottom of the barrel, making it a 1941. The post also listed a Fjestad's where his Year of Mfg. dates matches a newer system of proof marks, 1 or I being 1944, which would make it a 1963. I have no idea which it would be. Does anyone else?

Also found mention of a symbol of a "circle that has three letters in it, EIG". The response to that post was "That trademark says it was made by Tanfoglia Giuseppi of Brescia Italy and imported by E.I.G. of Miami FL before 1968. Any made afer that were made in the USA under the F.I.E. name. Tanfoglia is still in business but E.I.G and F.I.E are not. Info per pages 176 and 73 of Robert Balderson's Official Guide to Gun Marks."

My gun doesn't have the EIG in a circle, just "EIG - Breggia Italy". Does anyone have this book and could you please check the image I uploaded of all the markings on the bottom of the barrel, please? I would greatly appreciate it.

Does anyone know anything about Tanfoglia Giuseppi? I can't find them, either. Are they the 'cheap' guns referred to in a previous post?
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