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The sight makes no sense, and answers a question not asked. What benefit it serves at extreme close range, if any, is far offset by the detraction from intermediate to long range accuracy. With no way to verify elevation, it is useless at anything above contact range. I feel this concept has been brough to its pinnacle by the Ashley Big Dot sight, while still offering useable accuracy at extended ranges.
Strongly disagree. I think you completely misunderstand the purpose, and are trying to make it something it's not. EVERY sight is a compromise or tradeoff of competing features at opposing ends of the spectrum (like everything else in life), and this sight is specifically FOR close-in combat ranges, which is what a pistol happens to be for (the vast majority of handguns). Intermediate and long-range accuracy? Of course not - that's not what it's for (not what a handgun is for, in fact). It's designed to be good - very good - at its particular specialty, which is close range, where gun fights actually happen. If you have separation between you and the guy(s) trying to hurt you, you should be (a) retreating & calling for cops/backup/posse/arty, or (b) making your way to the nearest long gun. Of course it won't live up to your expectations if you're trying to make it somethign its not - that's like saying a ferrari is a really crappy dump truck. We'll see how good this may work, but it looks very promising for FAST acquistion, which is one of the most important factors, if not THE most important, in sighting on a violent attacker in a gunfight.
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