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What kind of Buffalo Bore ammo did you use? I asked a rep from Buffalo Bore and he said for deer use the 158 grain or 170 grain JHC and not the 180 LFN...point being that the hard cast will break bone and not expand, which is good for bear, but not necessary for deer. He said use the expanding bullets--they will penetrate plenty for deer.

FYI, I have shot the 158 grain Buffalo is HOT! I will try the 170 grain next because the 158s were not grouping like I wanted. The problem with the hot ammo is that there is not really a cheap factory equivalent, so if you like to shoot a lot, your cheap ammo shoots a very different point of impact--even in the same grain bullet! It's kind of obnoxious to have a 10 inch vertical disparity at 50 yards when you're aiming for the same bullseye. I'm guessing the 170 grain buffalo bore ammo will shoot even lower than the 158 grain buffalo I right??

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