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the hi point is a heavy gun for its size ccw may be an buddy has one..i shot maybe 1-2 mags and he finished the rest out of a box of 50rnd..thats all thats been shot through it.. now with that said no prbs came up at the range. it shot as well as any other pull the trigger , blam and a hole appears in the target..for me i feel my 250lb butt is worth more than $150 ..but thats thing that turned me off is when he bought it the dealer said that the hi points dont like cheap ammo..that would be a reason right there for me not to buy save on the gun but you have to shoot exp ammo..nope xd eats $8 wolf and $9 pmc all day long..the hi point just had a write up in a recent issue of "combat handguns" and long story short it got a very very good review, but then again have you ever seen a write up in any magazine that said the firearm (whatever it may be) sucked? no dont think anyway its your money if thats what you want go for it..and on a side note any/all guns no matter price, name on the slide etc can/will jam ..thats my two cents
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