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Here's a fun thing to do at night while practicing your pistol skills. Tune in to the Clinton News Network (CNN) or CNBC etc.. Shows like larry King and Geraldo. You can even mute them if it churns your stomach too much. Take out your favorite pistol (make sure it's unloaded!) and dry fire at Larry, Heraldo, Al-Gore, etc... This is especially fun during the primaries since they tend to have a mixture of republicans and democrats on during a short period of time. It can be like Hogan's alley where you have to shoot only at the "bad guys" (Al-gore, Larry, etc) and not hit the "good guys" like Bush and other republicans. You could of course just shoot everybpdy, depending on your political views and what comes out of their mouths!

The first step is registration, the second step is confiscation, the final step is subjugation.
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