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Thanks for the info, First. But I was wondering what round you have used in the past for the heart/lung shot because of this comment:

I don't see why you'd opt for the meat-damage-tracking-usually-required heart/lung shot
Most heart/lung shots don't damage much meat, and usually don't require tracking at all; a good heart/lung shot typically puts them down on the spot, and they stay down. I was just wondering what caliber you were using when you had what you consider a good heart/lung shot, with a result of lots of meat damage and/or required tracking.

The rounds drilled right through (and into the tree behind the doe), so I actually should choose a bullet with a tad more expansion and less penetration for neck shots - maybe a 90-100 grainer. Still, both dropped instantly
I don't think that a 17 grain difference will be a big deal for a neck shot. If you're going to take that shot, take it with the round that gives you the best accuracy. And I wouldn't worry about the amount of kicking by a deer as long as it goes down and stays down.

Looking forward to your counterpoint information, and my compliments on this Thread; I'm thinking and learning a lot!
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