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I haven't had to take a moving shot for quite a long time. I hunt from a stand, and sometimes I will have to wait for a while to get a good shot. Most deer in my area are moving through looking for something to eat, and most will move a little then stop. I don't shoot at every deer I see, and am willing to wait on a good shot. I am fortunate enough to hunt an area, that the deer are not pushed by people walking around, so getting the kind of shots I get, is not really hard to do. If you hunt an area where deer are skiddish or are constantly being pushed, then I would not be taking neck or head shots. I do practice in real hunting conditions, and not only from the bench, so that I can do well in real hunting circumstances. The only bad shot, is one that you don't practice, so I practice as much as I can. I understand many peoples concerns about this type of shot, but one must limit shots with patience.
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